$15 All in Basic License Per Track | Use

Contact us to receive a copy of the license agreement.

This is a non-exclusive, non-transferable license, valid in perpetuity, to use the music in the following applications:

  • Student Projects and Productions

  • Personal video, Private Content

  • Academic, Educational 

  • Slideshow use

  • Non-profit Projects

  • Event like trade fairs and conferences

  • Background music on YouTube

  • Video for Weddings

  • Life Events

  • Presentations for Productions

  • Websites Projects

FILM, TV & ADVERTISING - Extended License 

Not available online. Please Contact us to set the most cost-effective for you.


  • License is valid in perpetuity. There is no need to renew the license.

  • License will cover your use of the individual song as many times as you want, in as many projects as you want. 

  • If you are hired to create a project for a client, your license covers them for their use of the specific project.

  • The client cannot use the music for a different project, separate from what you were hired to create.

  • License must be purchased per music track.

You are PROHIBITED from using the music in the following applications:

  • Redistribution of as a musical track “as-is”

  • Radio and/or Television Broadcast (an Extended License must be purchased)

  • A theatrically-released film (an Extended License must be purchased)

  • Adding vocals, and reselling as a song

  • Reselling by incorporating into other royalty-free items such as stock video

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